LOCOG v BOA… Don’t take sides – It only encourages them!

Billy Connolly famously says of politicians: “Don’t Vote – It only encourages them!”

The dispute between the British Olympic Association (BOA) and the London 2012 organising committee (LOCOG) about the distribution of the surplus following the Olympic (and possibly Paralympic) Games, has been characterised by some as being due to the money-grabbing avarice of the BOA. But LOCOG, who have pursued butchers around the country for selling “Olympic” sausages because it infringes McDonalds’ sponsorship rights, are not averse to a bit of aggressive commercialism. Yet equally, the BOA, characterised by some as being hard-done-by and exploited by LOCOG and it’s political influence, is far from innocent. The BOA, whilst lobbying for “Team GB United” to take part in the London 2012 football tournament, does not seem to see the Team GB United concept as applying across the Olympic and Paraympic competitions, as it wants it’s share of the surplus from the Olympic Games before the Paralympic Games are paid for.

They’re as bad as each other… Don’t take sides – It only encourages them!