New Style, New Focus – Shorter, Sharper, Swifter and Some Scribbles!

Both here on my MiniBlog, and on my Full Blog, I’ve had a bit of a re-design and a re-focus.  Many of my posts, particularly on my Full Blog, have focused on London 2012 legacy policy, but its now over two years since the 2012 Games ended, and the development and delivery of legacy is no longer particularly relevant (although try telling that to government, who think every aspect of sport, physical activity and public health policy is an example of “securing the Olympic legacy”).  So, here at least, I’ll be moving to a post-legacy discourse and discussion that will focus much more on public health policy and practice, and particularly for physical activity.  That said, there’ll still be a (un)healthy dose of sport, tourism, transport, and even still a bit of Olympics and Paralympics.  Style-wise, I’m also going to go back to my original intention for this MiniBlog – that it would contain posts that are “too long for Twitter, but not fully formed, detailed or thought out enough for my Full Blog“… basically swift one paragraph scribbles!  Alongside this, my Full Blog will retain a focus on clear, evidenced critiques of policy and politics, but with more public health and physical activity than in the past.  In addition, many of the posts will be shorter, hopefully meaning they will be swifter and more regular.  I hope you’ll like it!